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Browse our wide category of boxes and find the one that fits right for you! Each custom box we create is made just for you. You can customize every inch of your box design inside and out, while our state-of-the-art printing ensures that you will love the quality of your finished packaging boxes.


Are you looking for high quality custom packaging boxes specifically for your product? Printing Shell  is the suitable and provide good quality of custom packaging boxes, and  long lasting stock or printed specifications with any custom packaging box. Printing shell provide high quality custom boxes customize sizes, colors and custom print options to meet your requirement. .

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What are custom packaging boxes?

For product sellers, packaging is a must. They have to use custom packaging boxes for their retail packing needs. Even online businesses need custom packaging, as they also sell different types of products. Custom boxes are used for packaging, display, and storage. The word custom means personalization, as these boxes are famous for their flexible customization.

Printing shell have changed the concept of wholesale packaging boxes. Previously, there was no such concept and product sellers had minimal options for packaging. Several companies have grown just because of their unique packaging boxes. Therefore, the wholesale of custom boxes has contributed a lot to the retail sector. This is the main reason why all brands use custom boxes for their packaging needs.

What are the different types of custom mailboxes?

There are many types of boxes that are used mainly for the packaging of various products. It include rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, folding boxes, Kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and many more. Not only does the product inside the box count. The packaging also helps establish an instant connection with buyers at first sight. Quality is what always wins out over quantity. Therefore, you must ensure that you use good quality material in the packaging of your custom printed boxes. The material and type of the box is selected according to the variety of product to be packaged. The following types of box materials are used for the packaging of different products:

Custom Cardboard boxes
All boxes are lighter and can be folded easily. These are primarily used for the packaging of retail products in retail stores. By designing these boxes into attractive and attractive custom packaging boxes solutions by Printing Shell, you can grab the attention of your target customers. Examples of these boxes include cereal boxes, candy boxes, cookie boxes, etc.

Custom Corrugated cardboard packaging boxes:
Custom packaging boxes are mainly used for shipping and postal shipments. Postal boxes are the example of corrugated cardboard boxes by Printing Shell. These boxes are also used for shoe packaging, as the shoes are comparatively heavy due to the sole. All boxes are made up of three layers. The core layer is what adds sturdiness to the box and makes it highly protective for items during shipping.


BY Printing Shell

Create Custom and Assuaging Designs Depicting the Style of Your Business.

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Advanced Offset-printing guarantees lasting quality for all your commercial printing needs.

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We provide extraordinary and vibrant print quality of your customized, intricate designs.

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 Custom Stock Packaging Boxes By Printing shell:

Unlike stock boxes that are generally out of the box and come in limited designs and shapes, custom packaging boxes play an important role in the area of different businesses that manufacture or supply a variety of products. Custom packaging boxes by printing shell are perfectly designed according to the specifications given by the clients. These boxes can be made in a wide range of shapes, designs, unique patterns, sizes, and colors. The reason why the demand for custom packaging boxes has increased over time is due to the high competition in the market among all the brand’s competitors. New brands are launching and positioning themselves in the market by efficiently displaying their products. Therefore, all companies make sure to sell their products in custom packaging solutions, so that they can enhance their brand exposure.

Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes:

Kraft packaging is very common due to the high quality material that is used in its manufacture. These boxes are made of pine material. All box are very cost effective and are used for many purposes. Printing Shell do counter display box packaging. Boxes are also used to pack jewelry, cosmetic products, food products, etc. For gift packaging solutions, these boxes are the best option as they do not put an additional burden on your pockets. Apart from this, these Kraft boxes are also used as mail boxes and takeout boxes. Therefore, these boxes are the perfect solution for wholesale custom boxes.

Custom boxes and packaging

Personalization is the latest and only way to increase your brand reputation by providing attractive boxes of various shapes and sizes printed. The Printing shell has improved the marketing and branding of many products, including polythene bags. Easiest and most effective way to start your small-scale business is by executing the right strategy. You can engage your potential customers by working on the factors they are looking for. When you enter a store, the first thing you notice about a product is how it looks from the outside. That is why the presentation of anything is the most important thing in any business. A good and elegantly packaged product automatically attracts the target audience to your brand. Wholesale custom packaging can be improved to a whole new level by applying the right techniques and processes during box manufacturing.

Importance of Custom Packaging Boxes

Packaging is the most critical and important step in the distribution of any product. Here in Printing Shell , customers are more concerned about the product inside the box than the packaging itself. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the necessary items are met in terms of product packaging. It also plays an important role in increasing the success of your brand. That’s why; Putting high-level efforts and perfect planning into your designs is of great concern. The following are the important factors to consider when custom packaging. 

Custom Cosmetic Boxes:

The packaging of cosmetic products is also very important. Because women all over the world use these products in their regular use. All models, celebrities and even professional women working in various fields need cosmetic products on a daily basis. Therefore, Printing Shell do the box should be travel-friendly and user-friendly to make it easy to carry these products in handbags. The packaging of the cosmetic boxes must be strong enough to prevent the products from suffering any kind of damage. A wide range of products is found in the cosmetics category.

Includes skin care products such as simple, cleansing milks, cleansers, masks, etc. In Printing shell Hair care products such as shampoo, conditioners, hair sprays and oils. Other styling equipment includes curling rods, etc. Cosmetic products also include beauty creams, multi-color and tonal lipsticks, lip balms, lip gloss, highlighters, blushes, eyeshadow palettes, pressed powders, masks, eyeliners, highlighters, and many more. Also included in this category is a range of medicinal products. Each product has its texture and consistency. Therefore, these products require specific custom packaging boxes solutions.


All the important factors like heat, air, cold, light and temperature, etc. should be taken into account when designing cosmetic boxes. If we are talking about mascara boxes, then their packaging should be attractive and eye-catching for customers. People get caught up in the selection of which is better or not. Therefore, packaging plays a very important role in helping customers on the value of the product. Make sure to design quirky boxes that justify the quality of the product present inside the box. Never compromise on the quality of your packaging.

Similarly, lipstick boxes also need to be designed efficiently. Try to keep the color of the packaging different from that of the lipstick. The same colors look unappealing. Also be sure to print the logo, number and color on the outside of the lipstick and lip balm boxes. In addition, the attractive hair extension bundles and eyeshadow boxes with bright color patterns and beautiful designs draw women to the cosmetic shelves just to choose their makeup product by Printing shell.

The length of the hair extension should be mentioned on its packaging for the convenience of customers. Also, the amount of eyeshadow and its texture should be printed on the boxes by Printing shell. This way, the ladies will have an idea of what the popsicles look like inside the box. Also, try adding window cutouts on cosmetic product boxes accordingly. In Printing shell all these kinds of unique detailing and finishing techniques set your brand apart from other competitors in the market. Eventually your sales revenue increases.

Importance of Custom Boxes with Logo

Who doesn’t love a custom packaging boxes with a logo? We work not only on wholesale custom boxes, but also on standard logo boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Become partner of Printing Shell! We are a leading online printing agency that has built a reputation for providing an incredible customer experience and quality services. Regardless of the nature of the customer, our commitment to excellence, adherence to industry best practices, faith in innovation, and standardized protocols are intact. That’s why the majority of our customers are repeat customers and we benefit from an exciting customer experience. Whether you are looking for a direct mail solution or a promotional product, our design and printing teams have the ability and ability to process your order as needed.

What kind of material did you use in online custom box products?

The materials used in the custom packaging boxes by Printing shell are selected according to the product specifications so that the product can not only be kept safe and original, but can be easily packed without any effect. Our custom boxes wholesale daily life products use for food and cosmetic packaging. There are some products like food or cosmetics, etc. It is important to keep them at certain temperatures for best results. Our custom boxes are always manufactured in such a way as to maintain the quality of the product. Likewise, some foods can also be attached to a custom packaging box. They stay safe and healthy without getting dirty due to the materials used inside the box. Likewise, cosmetics, jewelry, gifts and chocolates can be placed inside our used boxes of the latest generation of everyday life.

Get exceptional custom packaging solutions for productive marketing

Printingshell is a reputable company that offers excellent custom packaging solutions. We make quality and unique boxes of different designs and die-cut patterns. You can purchase attractive print boxes for all kinds of products. You can get all the orders at quite reasonable prices.

Die-cut packaging makes your boxes stand out from all the other products placed on the shelves. We offer the most effective and beautiful print design options at the lowest rates. We also offer a free shipping offer for orders on short notice. If you want any labeling or logos specific to your company, we can help you with this too. We also deliver perfectly crafted cardboard boxes with a fast turnaround time.

Free Shipping Service by Printing shell

You can save money by enjoying our free and cost-effective shipping services. You can also get custom shaped boxes with perfect patterns and themes with no setup fees. We make sure to meet all of your specifications to increase your marketing and brand exposure. All your desired designs and pattern patterns are created with the help of our latest printing machines. You can add maximum strength to your custom boxes by using strong, high-quality material.

Unique Custom Packaging Boxes:

Printing Shell offers unique custom cardboard box designs with no order quantity limit. We use special offset and digital printing technology with no charge for plates and dies. An attractive and eye-catching painting not only captures the attention of your target audience, it also enhances your brand image. That is why it is very necessary to acquire the latest style personalized boxes with all the desired requirements to tempt customers. We give your custom boxes a creative and elegant look by applying finishing options to make die cutting more captivating. Your custom boxes can become the customer’s first choice if you add some uniqueness and creativity to them. Printing shell is emerging as one of the best packaging companies due to its amazing packaging services.All


Printing Shell provides free design assistance for our clients. For bakery products, you can add a festive touch for an exquisite look with the help of the window. For ideas on this, you can talk to our enthusiastic designers. We offer innovative custom designs for candle packaging, cbd packaging, cream packaging, cosmetic packaging, food product packaging and many more. You can select from our premium materials that are fully tailored to your demands. We also provide new and modern packaging solutions in many different shapes and sizes. We make sure to give your designs a charming look by adding aesthetic color themes and patterns. This type of packaging is best for cosmetic products such as beauty creams, lipsticks, masks, eye shadows, etc.

Wholesale Custom Cardboard Box:

You can also get wholesale custom packaging boxes for special events such as Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, product launch events, official invitations, etc. You can also get elegant and well-crafted artistic designs with the help of our digital printing technology.

You can also check our previous work for your satisfaction. We are among the highest rated custom packaging companies. We never put an extra burden on your pockets by charging unfair money. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why all our services are quite cheap with free shipping.

If you want a special window design or die-cut on cardboard, cardboard or Kraft packaging, you can also contact us for this purpose. Our professionals make sure to guide you in the best possible way. We are always available to answer and resolve all your queries. Don’t forget to enjoy our free shipping services. We offer our custom services to wrap all your ideas in glamorous and eye-catching packaging boxes. Just give us a call and we’ll be there at your service in no time.


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There are many custom packaging boxes solutions  available in Printing Shell for all types of products. Includes cosmetics, bakery products, food products, consignment products, CBD products, jewelry items and many more. To design high-quality and unique custom boxes, you can contact a professional custom packaging company. At, we help you create innovative and classy custom packaging solutions. We have experienced and trained designers who design high-quality custom boxes using quality materials. We have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of packaging solutions. We know all the ins and outs of custom packaging by Printing Shell. Therefore, you can get exemplary design services that would also be beneficial for the improvement of your business. We make sure to provide creative designs and patterns to make the look of your product stand out from other competitors in the market.